Assisted living, simply explained.

Morgan Glen Iris offers a new form of seniors’ living, designed to help people maintain their independence for as long as possible. We do this through our range of services that are tailored to your individual needs. Unlike traditional retirement villages, the support you receive at our assisted living community can increase, decrease and change as often as you need. This dynamic model of living – complemented with state-of-the-art community spaces and experienced staff – makes Morgan Glen Iris the ideal place to call home.

Our premium assisted living community is located in a blue chip location close to Leo’s Fine Food & Wine, Camberwell shopping and restaurant precinct and Cabrini and Epworth Hospitals. The community itself sits on the edge of pretty Back Creek; and we are working with Boroondara Council, Melbourne Water and Friends of Back Creek in rehabilitating the area.

What makes assisted living different?

Retirement living
For independent, active people, aged over 55. Residents live in their own villa or apartment with access to a range of shared spaces and services.

Assisted living
Designed for senior people who would like additional support in their lives. Residents maintain their independence and live in their own, premium apartment, where domestic and hospitality services are included, and first-class support and care are on hand. This is exactly what Morgan Glen Iris offers.

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Residential aged care
Usually this is single room accommodation offering higher levels of care. It is designed for older people whose health is declining and are no longer able to live independently.

Morgan Glen Iris, is it for me?

Our residents, who are from all walks of life, each with their own life story, range in age from 70—100. But age is just a number, isn’t it? We’ll help determine if we’re the right fit for you. 

Before committing to an apartment our Registered Nurse will meet you and your family to complete a health assessment to make sure we understand your personal and health circumstances, and ensure that we can provide the support you need for at least 12 months. We can accommodate and service all levels of support, up to and including palliative care, but excluding disruptive behaviour and those who require 24/7 care. After our assessment, if we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll have an honest, open conversation with you and help you explore other available accommodation options that
meet your needs. 

In our experience, people who are considering moving from their family home and into Morgan Glen Iris fall into three broad groups. 

Support in the future
“While I’m independent now, I can envisage a time when I may need support. I want to decide where I move, without sacrificing my independence.”
We’ll ensure that you receive the right support when you need it, so you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle now, while remaining independent.

Support now
“Having a catastrophic event such as a major health scare or a fall makes me think I need to consider moving now”.
We’ll work together to identify your needs so that we can support you to live independently.

Support together
“I’m acting mostly as a carer for my partner and it’s getting increasingly difficult. To have support on hand would take the strain off our relationship and allow us to enjoy being a couple again”.
We’ll support you in ways that work for the both of you.

Code of Conduct
Morgan Glen Iris is committed to upholding the highest standards across retirement communities in Australia.

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